The Next Generation of Feed™

Renewable.  Consistent.  Safe.

A Flagship “First of” Facility

Pellet Technology USA’s first Commercial Production Facility is transforming the way livestock feed is produced.  We create consistent, safe and value-added feed products utilizing renewable biomass and industry co-products. We do this through our unique process and rigorous research into the fields of animal health, feed safety and new technologies.
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We feed happy, healthy livestock

The producers we serve are proud to feed our products because they know the hard work, dedication and craftsmanship that went into the design of our facility and the hard working people that design each pellet. From sustainably and locally sourcing our fiber products to our Clean Feed Technology™ that ensures every bite is safe to feed, customers and consumers alike know that we care. Whether you are a conventional or hormone-free producer, we have solutions that can fit your operation.


What we can do for you…

1. Livestock Experts

If you are a livestock producer, nutritionist, veterinarian, supplier, feed mill, feed dealer or an expert in another related field, we are able to provide you with three unique lines of value-added feed products to help make feeding easier and more efficient.

2. Ag & Energy Producers

If you are a local  agricultural or domestic energy producer, we apply our technology to upgrade the value of your co-products to create high quality finished goods while improving your operations output. 

3. Community Partners

If you are a local resident or organization, our facility has created over 40 full-time positions and is always taking applications. We take care to be a good corporate citizen and to be involved with the next-generation of our industry through engagement, education and outreach.
If you don’t fall into one of the above categories please let us know what we can do for you by emailing us here.


Our Process

Particle Sizing

Renewable Biomass Feedstocks
Sustainably Sourced from Family Farms
Source of Effective Fiber


Softens fiber
Releases nutrients
Complex sugars > Simple sugars

Clean Feed Technology

No steam
No binders
No enzymes

Controlled Dehydration

Food Safety Modernization Act compliant
Gently dries product to shelf-stable
No waste byproducts

Product Specification

Dialed-in Digestibility
Natural fortification
Optimizes livestock performance


Low-energy pelleting process
Real-time laboratory testing
Creates a durable finished product

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